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More than 3.6 million people volunteer their time spreading happiness amongst strangers every year throughout Australia. In general, volunteers are happier people as a result.

Being a volunteer gives you a sense of pride, knowing you are helping others, increasing your own self confidence and self esteem. When you’re volunteering you’re giving back to the community. It’s such a rewarding experience.


Residents may feel isolated from their families due to distance, work commitments, busy lifestyle or the current pandemic. Social isolation is often a key trigger for depression for many in the community. Our residents genuinely look forward to socially interacting with our volunteers, the staff at St Andrews certainly appreciate your commitment to volunteering!


If you recently retired, became unemployed, enjoy meeting new people, lost a love one, or merely have a few hours spare, no matter what age, volunteering can help restore a sense of pride, restore new meaning and purpose in your life. You can also develop new skills or try a new career path.


If you’d like to enquire about become a volunteer, please fill out our form below and you will be contacted.

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