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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find regularly updated answers to some of the common questions asked by residents, friends and family.

Is there a registered nurse (RN) on site 24/7?+

Yes, there is always a registered nurse on site.

Are there enough staff for the number of residents?+

To ensure the comfort and safety of our residents, St Andrews ensures we always have skilled staff available to meet the level of genuine care and support you need.

Can I have my own doctor visit me?+

Yes, you are able to have the doctor of your choice, simply arrange this in consultation between you and your doctor.

Can relatives go on the bus trips?+

Relatives are welcome to participate in bus outings if there is room. Please contact Leisure and Lifestyle department, ph: 02-6620-5881. There is no charge if there is no cost to the facility.

Are all meals cooked on site?+

Yes, we have qualified chefs 7 days per week to provide nutritious, tasty, balanced meals.

Can my relative/friend bring food from home?+

You may bring food from home, but Staff are not permitted to reheat food from outside the facility due to health regulations.

Why can't I use double adapters?+

Double adapters can overload circuits and are a potential fire hazard however, power boards are permitted, preferably with automatic surge protection.

Can my friends and family contact me via email?+

Simply email our Leisure and Lifestyle department:, who will pass on your email electronically or by printout to the recipient. We are awlays able assist them to reply if needed.