Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a registered nurse on site 24/7?

Yes, there is always a registered nurse available.

Are there enough staff for the number of residents?

We always have skilled staff available to care for our residents.

Can I have my own doctor visit me?

Yes, you are able to have the doctor of your choice but this needs to be arranged in consultation between you and your doctor.

Can I go on the bus trips?

Relatives are welcome to participate in bus outings if there is room.  Please contact Leisure and Lifestyle department, ph: 02-6620-5881.  There is no charge if there is no cost to the facility.

Are all meals cooked on site?

Yes, we have a qualified chef 7 days per week.

Can I bring food from home for my relative/friend?

You may bring food from home, but Staff are not permitted to reheat food from outside the facility due to health regulations.

Why can't I use double adapters?

Double adapters can overload circuits and are a potential fire hazard.  Power boards are permitted, preferably with automatic surge protection.

Can I contact my resident/friend by email?

Simply email Leisure and Lifestyle department:, who will pass on your email electronically or by printout to the recipient and assist them to reply.

Why can't I use spray cans in the facility?

Spray cans can set off fire alarms and may explode.  Please do not bring them into the facility.

What happens to lost laundry?

Lost laundry is kept on the trolley in the Library cupboard and is displayed in the Activities Room on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month.  Please send all new clothes to the Laundry for labelling when brought into the facility.  There is a one off cost of $50 on admission.

Can I use the facility wifi?

Access to St Andrews wifi is free for use under 3GB per month, there is a charge of $15/month for over 3GB.  Please contact the front office or Leisure and Lifestyle staff to arrange access to the security code.

How do residents borrow books from the Resident Library?

There is no borrowing restrictions from the Library, simply select the book you wish to read and return it when finished.  There is a magnifier reader and a wide variety of large print books.  Leisure and Lifestyle can assist with Library access.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Information on the complaints process is displayed throughout the facility.  There are ‘Suggestion Comment Compliment and Complaint’ forms with a locked box in the waiting room that is checked daily Monday to Friday.  The Director of Care Services is always available and responsive to any concerns.  Phone 02-6620-5810 or email

For confidential advice contact TARS, The Aged-Care Rights Service, ph:1800-424-079.  Resident/Relative meetings are held quarterly, but don’t wait for a meeting, if you have an issue we want to know.

How can I locate staff?

Press the call bell located in all bedrooms and common areas and staff will attend.

What is the waiting list time?

The waiting list time varies and the question should be asked on a needs basis.

Do you have outings for residents?

Yes, but for more details contact the Leisure and Lifestyle department.

When can I visit my relative/friend?

The facility has no constraints on visiting hours.  Please note between 5pm and 8am Weekdays, 12 noon and 8am Weekends visitors need to push the red After Hours Intercom for access.  If you take your relative/friend out, please notify staff and record in the Resident Sign Out book.

Can I share a meal with my relative?

You can join your relative for a meal.  The cost is $6.  Please order through the Supervisor on Duty before 10.30 on the day. The facility’s ‘Copacabana Kiosk’ is open from 8.30am till 1pm Tuesday and Thursday serving Barista Coffee, morning tea and a range of sandwiches, wraps and salads as well as their renowned Hamburger.  All kitchenettes have tea, coffee and cold water facilities as well as light meal options.

Why shouldn't I provide soap for my relative/friend?

Soap is not good for older peoples’ skin integrity.  The facility provides moisturising liquid cleansers.

Do electrical items need to be tested before being brought to the facility?

All electrical items require testing on a regular schedule (1-3 years).  This can be done by one of our staff at a cost of $5/item.

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