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Palliative Care

St Andrews philosophy to live well at the end of life is achieved by enabling a person’s preferences for quality care at this stage of life. We believe it is each person’s right to a safe environment and to receive appropriate care which includes being comfortable, and supported physically, emotionally, practically and spiritually.

Many people choose to spend this time in their own home; however, where circumstances require, St Andrews offers palliative care in our residential care facilities, providing the complete range of support for the resident, relatives and friends.


St Andrews encourages our clients and residents to consider developing an Advanced Care Plan with their families and friends. An Advanced Care Plan allows a person to make choices regarding how they wish to be cared for, including treatment they are to receive, in the event of incapacity in the future.

St Andrew’s Community Palliative Hospice is a 9-bed ‘cottage model’ wing offering residents the opportunity to palliate in a peaceful and non-clinical environment.

The Hospice is not an acute palliative medical unit and all rooms are single-occupant and private, with a full ensuite. State-of-the-art Swedish design, fully automated beds furnish all rooms, with capacity for family and loved ones to sleep overnight. Our specialist palliative team are expertly trained to deliver a superior level of care and compassion in a comforting environment tailored to meet the individual needs of our residents. Click on the link below to access our Hospice brochure for more information.

St Andrews - 053A0508

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