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The St Andrews Difference

At St Andrews, we are committed to offering the best care and services available. Our mission is to continue to identify and respond to the evolving needs of the individual. St Andrews residents are treated with dignity and respect, and staff are committed to ensuring their comfort, safety and privacy.


We care not only for people but about people as well. Our team is carefully hand-picked and appropriately trained, thoroughly professional and renowned for their caring and dedication. Residents are in safe hands at St Andrews.


Care is delivered by highly qualified, dedicated and experienced staff within industry best practice guidelines and with the shared value of living life to the full. Staff are caring and passionate about the person-centred care we provide to our residents – the resident is at the centre of all care planning with a focus on their lifestyle choices. 


Residents are assisted to be healthy, active, and independent by our Lifestyle team and are included in community activities outside the facility. 

St Andrews - st andrews aged care difference

Animal companionship is greatly valued and a large aviary is located in a walkway in the centre of the building as well as a serene aquarium feature in our café. Many of our residents have pets cared for by family and friends and we welcome visits from their furry companions.


St Andrews is strongly committed to achieving high levels of excellence by ensuring that all our residents and community clients have an opportunity to express their individual needs. Feedback is important to us. By listening to our clients, their families and advocates, we can ensure that every one of our clients has a positive experience of living life to the fullest.


Even though our staff are experienced and have specialist skills in caring for seniors, we encourage them to continue their education. By grasping opportunities in continuous education and development, they are able to maintain and improve their level of skill and knowledge in care of our residents.


Continuous Improvement is a core part of  St Andrews operations, and by routinely reviewing our systems and processes we assess, monitor, and improve the quality and safety of the care and services provided across the organisation.


We are accredited through the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Each of our services uses the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Quality Standards to guide our practice and we use information gathered through focus groups, observation (audits), accident & incident reports, feedback & complaints to improve our workflows and systems.


Further, surveying consumers, the workforce and other key stakeholders provides key data for us to measure St Andrews overall performance. Using a scheduled Audit Program enables us to monitor and report on our performance and the overall effectiveness of our internal systems, as well as to evaluate staff practices against operational procedures.


If you have any suggestions for improving our service delivery, we would love to hear from you, so please feel free to Contact Us.