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Technology is in a constant state of fluid advancement, which enables our residents to live safely and fully. Following several tender processes, St Andrews has engaged a new care management system, an independent catering company specializing in aged care, a new nurse call system, and outfitted the facility with new beds, mattresses and personal care items. 


Additionally, through grant funding contributions, St Andrews has been able to engage Lion & Lamb Design Agency to provide St Andrews with much needed updates. Lion & Lamb have provided consistency and clarity of communication and information through the development of a new website, clear branding, and the provision of staff training videos, materials and other vital resources. 


St Andrews engaged the services of CareCom Solutions to install a nurse call system in the facility with advanced functionality and real-time response and tracking capabilities with a view to minimising resident wait times when requiring assistance. A system of hallway monitors and annunciator alerts on mobile devices activated via a wrist or pendant alarm instantly alert floor staff of a resident in need of assistance. 

St Andrews - St Andrews CareCom

St Andrews has decommissioned their care management system and undertaken an exhaustive tender process prior to engaging eCase by Health Metrics to establish a more advanced system to document resident care. A person-centred care management system, eCase can track the resident journey from home care to retirement living through to residential care. Integrated into this system is PainChek (an artificial intelligence component to assist clinical and care workers to more accurately assess pain levels for residents experiencing communication difficulties) and CheckedIn Care (a downloadable app available to residents’ families and representatives that allows them to track in real time activities and direct care provided for their loved ones).


Cater Care were engaged when St Andrews identified that an external provider with a specialist focus in aged care catering (inclusive of modified diets and dietary restrictions) could improve the overall resident experience of ‘the dining experience’. Cater Care concentrate on presentation, nutrition, flavour and variety, seeking resident feedback daily and moderating catering selections in accordance with preferences sourced from the residents themselves.

A touch-activated wayfinding system has recently been introduced through Interactivity with overhead monitors installed through the facility to assist residents and their families to access information relating to activities, menus, events and of course to direct them to all areas of the facility and back to Reception.

St Andrews will be continuing to make technological advancements for the benefit of the residents and for telehealth.