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Allied Health

Allied health services are offered regularly and include physiotherapy, speech therapy and podiatry. Dietitian, optical and dental services can be arranged when needed. 


Tamar Village Pharmacy supply the facility through Webstercare and Meditrax Consulting Pharmacists are contracted to undertake regular medication reviews and audits.


Optimum Health Solutions Ballina has partnered with the St Andrews Team as our resident Physiotherapist attending five days a week, assessing residents and developing goals of care which will direct the physio aide, care staff and pain management registered nurse with the relevant care needed.


Allied health services are offered via referrals from a general practitioner, registered nurse or clinical care coordinator.


Optical and dental services can be arranged when needed with oniste dental visits arranged every six months.



Speech Therapy

Regularly as required


Hapi Health (8 week schedule)


As required

Occupational Therapy

As required
St Andrews - St Andrews Allied Health