Tunstall Safety

… assisting you to stay independent and safe …

The Emergency Response System is designed to help you maintain your desire for independence. It offers you total peace of mind and the confidence to be by yourself.

Who is the system designed for?

The system is designed for people from all walks of life and any age. It provides for as young as 12 and as old as 104 years. Tunstall response is suitable for:

  • people who feel vulnerable
  • those with chronic health conditions
  • people with a disability or special needs
  • providing short-tem respite for careres
  • people who need post or pre-hospital transition care
  • older people
  • people living on their own
  • people working on their own

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How far away will it work?

The pendant has a range up to 50 metres (depending on building materials), so provided you stay within range you can move around freely and even out to the garden, your mailbox or clothes line without a worry. It’s a good idea to wear your pendant at all times. It’s very durable and water resistant too, so you can even wear it in the shower or bath!

I’m interested, so what’s the next step?

Contact the friendly team at St Andrews today to discuss the most affordable and convenient way of providing 24/7 monitoring for your continued independent and safe living.

Easy to use and so reliable

We provide you with a base alarm and a pendant (radio transmitter trigger device). Your home phone plugs into the base alarm unit, which in turn is connected to your phone socket.

To raise an alarm, simply press the red button either on your pendant or the alarm unit. The alarm calls a 24 hour Response Centre and one of our friendly operators will assist you straight away. No struggling for the phone or dialling is necessary. Just talk in your normal voice and the operator will hear you clearly.

The pendant itself is small and lightweight, so you can wear it discretely around your neck, on your wrist or clipped to your clothes.

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