16 August 2021

Dear Residents, Families, and Visitors

On Saturday, NSW Health announced the extension of the local lockdown to include all of NSW until 22 August 2021.  In line with this announcement, unfortunately St Andrews needs to extend the closure of the facility during this period.

We understand these are uncertain and anxious times for everyone as we enter this new stage of restrictions.  Finding ways to support St Andrews residents to maintain contact with their loved ones during the lockdown is our priority.

Supporting you to stay connected, as much as possible, continues to be most important.  We understand this will be difficult and at times frustrating, particularly with travel restrictions for families.  Our lifestyle team can support St Andrews residents to stay in touch through phone calls, facetime calls and skype.  If not restricted by the stay-at-home rules, staff can arrange window visits to see you in person.  To book an appropriate time please contact the lifestyle coordinator on 6620 5881.

Along with all other residential aged care facilities across NSW, we must exclude all non-essential staff, contractors and all visitors.  Visitors performing essential caring functions, in exceptional circumstances, may be provided special exemption to enter the facility.  If you would like to discuss your or your loved one’s particular circumstances, please contact the facility and speak to one of the clinical managers on 6620 5800.

All essential carers, visitors, staff and contractors are required to continue to wear a surgical mask at all times, maintain strict handwashing, social distancing and room density requirements.

Residents are encouraged not to leave St Andrews facility, except for essential reasons such as medical appointments.  If a resident chooses to leave the facility, clinical staff must be notified of the intended location and purpose of the outing by completing a social leave declaration located at Reception.  Staff will ensure residents are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment and infection control advice if they need to leave the facility for an essential purpose.  Additional precautions will be required on return, such as ongoing monitoring for COVID symptoms during a 48-hour isolation period may be required.

I would like to specifically thank St Andrews residents and their loved ones for your patience and understanding about what is necessary to reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering the facility.

I would also like to acknowledge all the St Andrews staff who have gone above and beyond their roles.  Some have worked extra hours or taken on extra shifts to ensure everyone is safe and residents have as little disruption to their day as possible.

Working together we help each other to stay safe and get through the tough times during this challenging period.  Thank you to everyone for your care and ongoing support.

As restrictions and guidelines change, St Andrews will continue to keep you informed.

Kind regards

Robyn Mortimer

Acting General Manager