28 June 2021

Dear Residents, Families, and Visitors,

COVID-19 continues to present challenges for residential aged care services.  Over the weekend NSW Health have implemented further changes in the conditions for entry to St Andrews.  These changes include:

Visitors must not enter the facility at all if they:

As directed by Chief Health Officer:

  • all Staff and visitors MUST wear a surgical mask on entry to St Andrews.
  • All visits MUST occur in the resident’s room ONLY. The common area and outdoor area cannot be used by visitors until further notice.
  • Only two visitors are allowed each day – this is a resident and up to two visitors. This can be:
    • One visitor at one time and one visitor at another time each day; or
    • Two visitors at one time only each day.

Please note, under exceptional circumstances ONLY the management team may grant entry to individuals from Greater Sydney or other areas of high concern.

If you are planning a visit, please coordinate with your family and friends to ring St Andrews on 6620 5800 and nominate the two visitors and the time of each visitor will visit on the day.  This can be recorded at the entrance desk and checked if other visitors arrive on the same day.

Also a reminder that from 1 June to 30 September 2021visitors should not enter St Andrews unless they have received the 2021 Influenza Vaccine.  Please bring you proof of vaccination with you if you have not already provided a copy to St Andrews.

Restrictions remain in place for a number of locations in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand.  Restrictions and locations continue to change daily.  If you are travelling to St Andrews to visit a loved one, we suggest you contact St Andrews to confirm the current restrictions and ensure you are able to enter.

Resident Social Leave

  • Residents should not enter Greater Sydney, except for essential reasons and if so, they should wear a mask.
  • Residents are discouraged from leaving the facility except for essential reasons. If the resident chooses to leave the facility, they must notify staff of the intended location and purpose. Staff will then consider if restrictions are required on return, such as isolation requirements.
  • Residents are discouraged from attend a gathering with anyone present who has been in the Greater Sydney area since June 21.

St Andrews management appreciate your understanding about what is required to reduce the risk of CoVID-19 entering the facility. All staff and visitors are reminded to comply with strict handwashing, social distancing, and room density requirements.

Kind Regards

Robyn Mortimer

Acting General Manager