Dear Families and Visitors

Due to the changing CoVID-19 conditions in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong areas, the following conditions to enter the St Andrews aged care facility apply. The traffic light system describes the restrictions for entry.

Changes to the screening area and visiting numbers at the facility include the following:

  1. Screening of visitors and staff will continue at the one entrance available at this time.
  2. Please remember to ensure the requirement to wear a surgical mask, social distancing and hand hygiene is maintained on entry as a higher volume of visitors is expected.
  3. Please ensure on entry and during your time at St Andrews that you are mindful of the importance of wearing a surgical mask social distancing and hand hygiene as this will continue to help protect our residents.
  4. When exiting the facility there will be a signing out book that visitors must now sign.
  5. Common areas are open to visitors. Please adhere to the density signage i.e. the number of persons permitted in the space at one time.  A maximum of 4 person in a residents room including the resident. That is 3 visitors at one time and one resident.
  6. It is not a requirement to have an up to date vaccination against influenza if a visitor is making a care and support visit to a resident. For example families making a visit would be deemed care and support

Red Zone
People who have been in a hot spot in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast or Wollongong cannot enter St Andrews aged care facility.  These areas have been classified as red zones.Only exception is visitors who have been living outside the red zone prior to December 11, 2020. For example visitors who have an address in the red zone but have been travelling outside that area. Well documented proof will be required in these cases.

Green Zone is all remaining areas outside the red zone.

Green zone includes Northern NNSW, Newcastle, Mid North Coast, Far West etc

The density rule still applies to all rooms and on average rooms are 20 sqm therefore a maximum of 4 persons in a residents room including the resident. That is 3 visitors at one time and one resident.

The number of visits per day is now unlimited  per day. Visiting times are Mon-Fri  9am – 6pm and Weekends 9am – 5pm

The screening of visitors and staff will continue at the one entrance available at this time.  

Masks are mandatory when visiting the facility

Interstate visitors

Due to the different approaches to Covid-19 by all other States/ Territories please call Administration, well ahead of a planned visit and provide the following details:

  • The State or Territory you are travelling from
  • Leave your contact details and proposed date to visit

A manager will  promptly contact you regarding your proposed visit.

Social Leave – A resident leaves the facility
The resident does not require isolation upon return to the facility provided they have:

  1. Not been in contact with a person who has been in a red zone from December 11 onwards
  2. Not been in contact with a person with symptoms of CoVID-19 or is in a 14 day isolation period
  3. Have not been exposed to a public indoor place with an excessive number of people present eg shopping malls etc
  4. Completed a Social Leave declaration form for the leave requested. If they are unable to do so the declaration must be completed by the support person or representative.

Residents attending a medical appointment in a CoVID-19 safe manner will not be placed into isolation upon return.  Upon return the resident will be risk assessed to determine the level of exposure to CoVID-19. Depending on the assessment the resident may have to isolate. 

Residents who comply with points 1-4 are highly unlikely to be required to isolate upon return.

St Andrews staff and the Board wish you a safe and festive time during New Year


Bruce Tually

General Manager