Dear Families and Visitors

Due to the changing CoVID-19 conditions in Greater Sydney area, the following conditions to enter the St Andrews aged care facility apply. The traffic light system has been introduced to simply describe the restrictions for entry.

Red Zone
People who have been in a hot spot in Sydney cannot enter St Andrews aged care facility.
The Northern beaches area which is in lock down and has a higher level of CoVID-19 cases has been classified as a red zone.

Yellow Zone
People who are living or visited surrounding areas of a red zone.
If you have been to the Sydney area, including Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Central Coast, after and including December 11, you must provide a negative COVID test and must wear a mask to enter the facility.

If you are a resident of Sydney and have been outside the area prior to 11 and can provide evidence to support you may enter the facility and no mask required.

Green Zone is all remaining areas outside the yellow and red zone.
These areas include Northern NNSW, Newcastle, Mid North Coast, Far West etc
Visitors may enter the facility without CoVID-19 restrictions

Bruce Tually