Dear Families and Visitors
We are rapidly approaching the end of the year, but 2020 felt like it was never going to finish. I want to thank you for your patience considering all the challenges that we faced during 2020 with the pandemic. As you are aware St Andrews remained open the whole time for visitors apart from one or two days. I commend you for your willingness to abide by managements directions as this helped maintain a CoVID-19 free safe environment.

Unfortunately the restrictions are going to have an impact on the traditional St Andrews Christmas dinner. Family and visitors will not be permitted to dine with the residents when they have their Christmas dinner. Nonetheless families and visitors can still meet in the residents rooms or other safe areas, two visitors at each time and only two visits per day. If the legislation changes prior Christmas we will implement and inform you of the change. If the family want to take their resident out of the facility, please be aware of your environment and reduce the risk of exposure to CoVID-19.

The pandemic has changed the way aged care facilities operate and the way we live. We are hoping 2021 will see a return to the so called normal that was present prior to the pandemic. Vaccines are reportedly being released in Australia in March and this will be an additional control to reduce the impact of the virus on the most vulnerable. In the mean time social distancing, not coming to the facility if you feel unwell and hand hygiene are three very powerful controls to reduce infection. Lets not forget there are many other infectious agents in the community, such as Influenza, Norovirus, Campylobacter, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A,B C etc and all can have a significant impact on vulnerable people.

On behalf of St Andrews staff I wish all the residents and families a joyous festive season and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. St Andrews are privileged to have the opportunity to care for all the residents.

Bruce Tually
General Manager