Dear Residents and Family

The NSW Health Department provided the following information and I thought it was helpful information to forward to you:

“Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) guidelines for seniors: Gathering Safely 

There are no specific restrictions for people over 70 about self-isolating or staying home. You can
choose when you go out, where you visit, and when to have visitors.
However, people over 70 are at greater risk of more severe symptoms if they are infected with COVID19.
Top tips for COVID safe gatherings
Here are some top tips to help make your next gathering COVID-safe:
 Take a cautious approach about where you go and who you see.
 Keep gathering virtually or via telephone where you can.
 Don’t attend any gatherings if you are unwell.
 As the weather warms up, it’s best to meet outside, away from crowded areas. Currently, no
more than 20 people are allowed to gather outside in a public place.
 If you are arranging to meet at an external venue, such as a community hall, club or restaurant,
ensure you comply with the capacity limit of venue and one visitor per 4-square metres of space
(excluding staff).
 Keep a record (if the venue hasn’t already) of the names and a mobile number or email address
of those attending gatherings, where practical, for a period of at least 28 days. These records
are only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections, should the need arise, and are to be
stored confidentially and securely.
 Avoid large gatherings in general, and especially at home. Try to limit the number of people in
your home to less than 10 people. Currently, you are only permitted 20 visitors to a place of
 Stay 1.5 metres away from others at all times, unless you live in the same household.
 The use of face masks is strongly recommended if you’re unable to physically distance or when
you are on public transport. Carry one in a zip lock bag at all times.
 Although it’s not easy, avoid hugging, kissing or shaking hands with your family, friends and
other members. A wave is safer.
 Think about how you share food. Rather than having common platters, give each person an
individual portion.
 Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitiser when out and about.
 Avoid unnecessary travel. Limit the number of places you visit and stay close to home as much
as possible.
 Get tested immediately if you have any COVID-19 symptoms and self-isolate until you get your
Taking these extra steps can make a difference. Staying active, and participating in social activities, is
important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Especially this year! Plan to do things you enjoy, in
COVID-safe ways.
For information specific to seniors, visit the NSW Governments COVID-19 advice for seniors page or call
the National COVID-19 older persons information line on 1800 171 866″


Bruce Tually (General Manager)