Dear Families and Visitors,

The NSW Health department has updated their advice on visitors entering aged care facilities throughout NSW. This advice, including Federal Govt advice, and the current community acquired rates and test numbers in NNSW are taken into consideration when St Andrews management forms policy. Please note that policy may change at a moments notice in conjunction with currently available information and the measure of risk (consequences versus likelihood) to the residents and staff.

Therefore the new policy for visitor entry into St Andrews residential care facility is as follows:

  • Staff and visitors who have been staying in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area should not attend aged care facilities or other settings with vulnerable people (ILUs, Aboriginal Respite Care). However, there are exemptions when residents are in palliative care. In these cases please contact the residential care managers prior to making arrangements.
  • If a visitor has been in a hotspot (this now includes greater Melbourne lockdown area) within the last 14 days, the person should self isolate for 14 days since the day they were last in the hotspot and not enter the St Andrews aged care facility.
  • If a visitor from NSW or another State/Territory that has been in an outbreak location (eg Crossroads Hotel in Casula) they must not enter St Andrews aged care facility

It is unlikely visitors will be arriving from Victoria as the State borders are closed. However, there may be a legitimate reason/s to visit a resident eg palliative care. In these circumstances the visitor will be risk assessed according to a number of factors. This includes, but not limited to, signs and symptoms, temperature, address in Victoria, places visited, immunisation record, recent CoVID-19 test results, contact with other persons etc.

In the event a resident is returning from a CoVID-19 hotspot or the greater Melbourne lockdown area or Victoria will require ample notice in order to ensure controls are implemented for the safety of the other residents.
Thank you for your help and understanding.


Bruce Tually, General Manager