Dear Families and Visitors,

I am sure you are aware of the CoVID-19 outbreaks in specific suburbs in Victoria. As a result St Andrews, including all other aged care facilities in NSW, have been directed by the NSW Government Chief Health Officer to deny entry of staff and visitors who have been in a “CoVID-19 hotspot” in Victoria in the past 14 days. Any staff or visitor coming from those areas must isolate for a period of 14 days prior to seeking entry into St Andrews facility.

Visitors from country regions of Victoria will be screened as per the normal daily process. Visitors from Melbourne will be screened and assessed for risk at the point of entry. Control measures  may be required to enter the facility. All visitors from Victoria must produce a licence or documentation indicating their home address.

In the event a resident is returning from a CoVID-19 hotspot, management will require ample notice in order to ensure controls are implemented for the safety of the other residents.
Thank you for your help and understanding during this pandemic.


Bruce Tually, General Manager