22nd June 2020

Dear Family and Friends of Residents
The NSW Government has released information on the easing of restrictions in aged care facilities in NSW. St Andrews CoVID Committee reviewed these on the 22nd June 2020. The committee also reviewed the community acquired infection rate for Ballina and the surrounding areas, as well as the number of tests performed, and have agreed to the following conditions for this facility.

NB: The following is contingent on the current zero community acquired infection rate being maintained and a high rate of CoVID-19 testing:

Screening will be compulsory at the front reception area as per usual.

– Children now able to visit provided they have proof of current Influenza A vaccination
– Maximum of 2 visitors at any time and no restrictions on time limits for spouse, close family members and social support such as close friends.
– Visits must be conducted in the resident’s room unless otherwise arranged to meet at an alternative space eg courtyards etc
– Comply with social distancing recommendations ie 1.5m
– Wash hands with soap and refrain from touching building surfaces

Dementia Unit Visitors (Boronia/River) Commencing from the 29th June.
– No longer required to have supervised visits or make appointments to visit
– Visit must occur within the residents room or outdoor area. No visits in the common areas.
– Visitors must wash their hands using alcohol hand rub on entry to the facility then again immediately after entering the unit, preferably with soap and water for 20 seconds.

– L&L staff to attend the supermarket/shopping center to purchase on behalf of residents.

– Residents able to leave the facility to attend family gatherings, however, we strongly advise against attending crowded places including clubs, pubs, some cafes, supermarkets and shopping centres. In essence large to medium sized gatherings of people.
– Suggest hand sanitiser is made available and hand hygiene is maintained
– No isolation on return
Please Note: If Ballina or surroundings geographical areas record a positive community acquired infection the restrictions may change according to the assessed threat of infection to the resident/s

The biggest threat to residents is complacency! St Andrews staff are taking all precautions in their community life. We also seek your vigilance in the community, to avoid potential CoVID-19 hotspots and to maintain hand hygiene and social distancing.
Thank you for your cooperation during this pandemic.
Bruce Tually (General Manager)