Dear Families, Relatives and Visitors

I am writing to inform you that St Andrews Management is taking every precaution and preparation at the facility and in the staff’s community life with the most recent easing of restrictions in the community. Undoubtedly, the second wave of CoVID-19 (SARS CoV-2) infections will increase under the new conditions.
Therefore, I ask that you take every precaution in your daily life and consider how to reduce the risk of infection when performing daily activities. For example, particularly when you are going to shopping centres, cafes and other places where people may be gathering in larger than expected numbers. Also consider the risk associated with surfaces that you come in contact with.
Remember, the most infectious time for Flu and other respiratory infections, is the time prior to showing symptoms (asymptomatic). This is the critical period, thus my request to both you and staff to be vigilant when you are in the community.
As a part of St Andrews strategy to reduce community acquired infections entering our residential care facility, management are implementing a temporary self imposed lockdown for 24 hours to visitors, this Monday 1 June 2020.
The facility is undergoing an extraordinary clean on Monday as a matter of precaution only. We are also taking the opportunity to perform additional education and clinical exercises on managing an outbreak in the facility.
As you know the facility has been open to families, relatives and visitors, apart from some extra precautions with the dementia specific areas. We believe this has greatly benefited the residents well-being and mental health and we want to continue to be open for as long as possible.
Thank you for your continued support and feedback and I trust the website is a valuable tool to communicate messages and announcements.


Bruce Tually