Dear Visitors

St Andrews has been monitoring the community acquired CoVID-19 rates in the NNSW region and measuring the effectiveness of the screening of visitors at the facility since the governments announcements. Due to the effectiveness of the screening and extremely low community acquired results the dementia units restrictions for most visits will be eased.

Visitors are allowed to meet with their family resident under the following conditions:

  • The visitor will make an appointment time to visit (mainly due to the arrangements required for a visit).Call the reception office to leave your details for an appointment
  • The visitor will have proof of vaccination against the Influenza A virus
  • The visitor will have the screening performed at the reception area, includes temperature check and questions
  • Wash hands and/or sanitise
  • Follow the instructions of the staff
  • Remain socially distant from the resident in the designated area (includes either the courtyard or the residents room)
  • Do not pass objects to the resident that may be contaminated with coronavirus unless these have been cleared by senior clinical staff or management.
  • If the residents wants to breach social distancing make every passive effort to prevent. If a breach occurs inform the RN or care staff.

Please note when a resident is assessed as unable to social distance the meeting will occur through a window area.

St Andrews is aware that there may be a second wave of CoVID-19 in the coming weeks due to the governments easing of restrictions. Depending on the results of community acquired infection in this region it may affect the visiting procedures.

St Andrews management want to thank all the visitors who have complied with the screening, visiting time limits and social distancing. This has enabled the facility to remain open. May I also say St Andrews staff have excelled in notifying management and taking care out side of the facility.

Disappointingly, a small number of visitors have not complied with the instructions and this has taken up staff time to make interventions and puts pressure on the strategy of keeping the facility open. Compliance is absolutely necessary to keep your loved ones safe and to avoid what could be dire results for the residents, as seen in the Newmarch House facility in Penrith.

Bruce Tually – General Manager