Leisure & Lifestyle

Residents are encouraged and supported to participate in a wide range of interests and activities.

  • Residents and families are encouraged to identify past and present interests and to maintain these interests
  • Activities are displayed on the screen in the foyer
  • Activities are individually designed to meet the needs of residents with sensory loss or cognitive impairment

Activities program includes:

– Regular Church services in the Chapel
– Bus trips to various locations in the region
– Luncheons to local restaurants
– Regular barbecues for residents and relatives
– Fish and Chips picnics to local coastal parks (usually at Brunswick or Evans Head Fishing Coops
– Fishing outings to Ballina Anglers Club on Fishery Canal
– Attendance at concerts, and happy hour is encouraged
– School groups visit for concerts or socialisation
– A  weekly poker game in Hardwicke House
– Scrabble twice weekly or more frequently in Dianella
– Word games hosted by Leisure and Lifestyle staff
– An inter-facility shuffleboard competition is held
– Walks around the block are conducted by staff and volunteers

– Newspapers delivered daily to residents rooms on request including free local papers weekly
– Access to extensive large print library and large DVD collection
– Access to touch screen computers in the library
– Computers and tablets for residents to try before they buy
– Bowling Club and nearby shops available to residents and families
– Weekly outing to Bowling Club
– Young Artist Award and Fete held annually
– Happy hour
– Cooking, knitting and sewing in small groups and individually
– Craft projects for fete, theme days, kiosk or just for fun
– Veggie gardens in hostels utilising raised garden beds
– Cinema held in Chapel on weekends
– Internet resources utilised
– Volunteers run Copacabana Kiosk Tuesday and Thursday mornings